General Knowledge Trivia Quiz (10 questions)

Test your quiz skills with 10 quick fire general knowledge questions. Answer these multiple choice trivia questions before the time runs out! Quizzers with an interest in science or literature will have an advantage in this one...

1. How do scientists describe the largest type of black hole?

A - Ultracolossal

B - Hypergiant

C - Megaenormous

D - Supermassive

2. Where in the human body are Merkel cells?

A - Brain

B - Lungs

C - Skin

D - Liver

3. Siddhārtha Gautama is better known as which spiritual figure?

A - Dalai Lama

B - Krishna

C - Buddha

D - Confucius

4. What city is the The Disney Pixar film ‘Ratatouille’ set in?

A - Marseille

B - Paris

C - Monaco

D - Lyon

5. The US sitcom ‘Scrubs’ was set in what type of building?

A - Hospital

B - Fire Station

C - Police Department

D - High School

6. Which American author wrote the legal thriller ‘The Last Juror’?

A - Dan Brown

B - Harlan Coben

C - John Grisham

D - Tom Clancy

7. It is unlucky to say the name of which Shakespeare play in a theatre?

A - Hamlet

B - Macbeth

C - Othello

D - The Tempest

8. What is the capital of Colombia?

A - Asunción

B - Caracas

C - Montevideo

D - Bogota

9. In Greek mythology, who did Cronus overthrow?

A - Artemis

B - Zeus

C - Uranus

D - Ares

10. According to the proverb, ‘all roads lead to…’ what city?

A - Rome

B - Paris

C - Cairo

D - Babylon


1 (D) Supermassive

2 (C) Skin

3 (C) Buddha

4 (B) Paris

5 (A) Hospital

6 (C) John Grisham

7 (B) Macbeth

8 (D) Bogota

9 (C) Uranus

10 (A) Rome