General knowledge quiz questions and answers

Ten more multiple choice quiz questions on general knowledge. Answer each question before the timer runs out! This one is a real mixed bag, so be prepared to get your grey cells working!

1. The award winning real ale ‘Jaipur’ is what style of beer?

A - Lager


C - Bitter

D - Stout

2. Which of these elements was discovered by Marie Curie?

A - Plutonium

B - Uranium

C - Radium

D - Thorium

3. What is ‘Skyfall’ in the James Bond film ‘Skyfall’?

A - Childhood home

B - Enemy HQ

C - Criminal syndicate

D - Swiss Bank

4. Which of these is NOT a category at the Oscars?

A - Animated feature

B - Stunt work

C - Makeup

D - Dance direction

5. Annie Leibovitz is a famous name in which artistic field?

A - Music

B - Photography

C - Sculpture

D - Painting

6. Silicon Valley in California got its name because it is a centre of which industry?

A - Computing

B - Plastic surgery

C - Finance

D - Toys

7. Which of these US First Ladies had the maiden name ‘Smith’?

A - Jackie Kennedy

B - Michelle Obama

C - Nancy Reagan

D - Rosalynn Carter

8. Which of these is NOT the name of a Brazilian international footballer?

A - Cyril

B - Bernard

C - Arthur

D - Fred

9. In which of these countries is English an official language?

A - Qatar

B - Niger

C - Iceland

D - Phillipines

10. Adult cats ‘meow’ primarily as a means of communication with what animal?

A - Cats

B - Dogs

C - Mice

D - Humans


1 (B) IPA

2 (C) Radium

3 (A) Childhood home

4 (B) Stunt work

5 (B) Photography

6 (A) Computing

7 (D) Rosalynn Carter

8 (A) Cyril

9 (D) Phillipines

10 (D) Humans