General knowledge quiz questions and answers

Ten multiple choice quiz questions on general knowledge. Movie buffs will do particularly well on this one. You're up against the timer so you better answer quickly!

1. In the ‘Star Wars’ films, which Sith Lord becomes galactic Emperor?

A - Darth Maul

B - Darth Sidious

C - Darth Vader

D - Darth Plagueis

2. A speech inspiring the phrase ‘A country fit for heroes’ was made following what war?

A - First World War

B - Second World War

C - Boer War

D - Crimean War

3. In which sport might players use the Vardon or interlocking grip?

A - Golf

B - Hockey

C - Fencing

D - Baseball

4. Who was the first singer to get to No.1 in the UK with a James Bond theme song?

A - Shirley Bassey

B - Adele

C - Sam Smith

D - Chris Cornell

5. Sam Wilson is the alter ego of which Marvel Superhero?

A - Eagle

B - Falcon

C - Hawk

D - Dodo

6. ‘Pasha’ was a title of honour in which historical Empire?

A - Ottoman

B - Roman

C - Mongolian

D - Byzantine

7. Which of the these title characters did Leonardo DiCaprio play first?

A - The Aviator

B - The Wolf of Wall Street

C - The Great Gatsby

D - J. Edgar

8. The explorer John Hanning Speke discovered the largest lake on which continent?

A - Africa

B - Asia

C - Australia

D - North America

9. Karl Landsteiner received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for work in which field?

A - Reproduction

B - Blood

C - Psychology

D - Radiology

10. Which of these cheeses is NOT made with sheep’s milk?

A - Red Leicester

B - Roquefort

C - Manchego

D - Feta


1 (B) Darth Sidious

2 (A) First World War

3 (A) Golf

4 (C) Sam Smith

5 (B) Falcon

6 (A) Ottoman

7 (A) The Aviator

8 (A) Africa

9 (B) Blood

10 (A) Red Leicester