Lord of the Rings | How well do you know the LOTR trilogy?

Test your knowledge of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, from Fellowship of the Ring to Return of the King, from Gollum to Gandalf…prove your mastery of Middle Earth by answering 10 questions of LOTR trivia before the timer runs out!

1. What forest does Treebeard live in?

A - Lothlorien

B - Old Forest

C - Forest of Fangorn

D - Mirkwood


2. Who is never tempted by the Ring?

A - Bilbo  

B - Boromir  

C - Galadriel  

D - Sam


3. What is Merry’s full name?

A - Merigreen Took

B - Meriadoc Brandybuck

C - Merriday Round

D - Meriadoc Brivendale


4. What is the name of Frodo’s sword?

A - Sting

B - Orcrist

C - Sacks

D - Rivendell


5. What is the name of Bilbo’s home?

A - Hobbiton

B - Overhill

C - Bag End

D - Bag Shot


6. What precious metal is Frodo’s armoured shirt made from?

A - Silver

B - Mithril

C - Steel

D - Elven-glass


7. Who destroys the One Ring?

A - Frodo

B - Gollum

C - Sam

D - Gandalf


8. Where does Frodo first meet Aragorn?

A - The Red Lion

B - The Green Dragon Inn

C - The Thatch-house

D - Inn of the Prancing Pony


9. What are the ‘Ringwraiths’ known as in Elvish terms? 

A - Nazgûl

B - Black Riders

C - The Nine

D - The Fallen Kings 


10. What gift does Galadriel give Frodo?

A - Elven Rope

B - The Phial of Galadriel

C - Strands of her hair

D - A silver belt


1 (C) Forest of Fangorn

2 (D) Sam

3 (B) Meriadoc Brandybuck

4 (A) Sting

5 (C) Bag End

6 (B) Mithril

7 (B) Gollum

8 (D) Inn of the Prancing Pony

9 (A) Nazgûl

10 (B) The Phial of Galadriel