Marvel movies questions | MCU Quiz

How much do you know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Answer these 12 multiple choice Marvel movies questions about the MCU before the time runs out! From Tony Stark to Star Lord, from Avengers Infinity War to Avengers End Game - test your knowledge and prove your fandom!

1. Sam Wilson is the alter ego of which Marvel Superhero?

A - Eagle

B - Falcon

C - Hawk

D - Dodo

2. Which was the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

A - Ironman

B - The Incredible Hulk

C - Thor

D - Marvel’s The Avengers

3. Which MCU movie featured Spider-Man’s first appearance?

A - Ironman 3

B - Spider-Man: Homecoming

C - Captain America: Civil War

D - Avengers: Age of Ultron

4. Who has a cameo in every MCU movie?

A - Steve Ditko

B - Jack Kirby

C - Stan Lee

D - Joss Whedon

5. Who has the Infinity Gauntlet?

A - The Mandarin

B - Thanos

C - Helmut Zemo

D - Ulysses Klaw

6. Why did Thanos want to kill half the universe?

A - He loves killing

B - For revenge

C - To bring balance

D - To be remembered

7. Which character was NOT turned to dust by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War?

A - Drax

B - Nick Fury

C - T’Challa

D - Steve Rogers

8. Which of these characters did NOT appear in Phase One?

A - Black Panther

B - Thor

C - Captain America

D - Black Widow

9. Which war did Captain America fight in?

A - World War 1

B - World War 2

C - Korean War

D - Vietnam War

10. Which agreement requires superhumans to be governed by law?

A - Latveria Accord

B - Crimea Accord

C - Sokovia Accord

D - Paris Accord

11. Where did Scott Lang work before becoming Ant-Man?

A - Baskin Robbins

B - Denny’s

C - McDonalds

D - Friendly's

12. Which of these Marvel movies came first?

A - Captain America: Civil War

B - Thor: Ragnarok

C - Doctor Strange

D - Ant-Man


1 (B) Falcon

2 (A) Ironman

3 (C) Captain America: Civil War

4 (C) Stan Lee

5 (B) Thanos

6 (C) To bring balance

7 (D) Steve Rogers

8 (B) Black Panther

9 (B) World War 2

10 (C) Sokovia Accord

11 (A) Baskin Robbins

12 (D) Ant-Man