Netflix quiz 2020 questions and answers

Put all those 2020 lockdown Netflix binge hours to the test! How big a Netflix fan are you? Find out with these fifteen Netflix quiz questions and multiple choice answers.

1. Who plays Pablo Escobar in Narcos?

A - Diego Luna

B - Pedro Pascal

C - Giancarlo Esposito

D - Wagner Moura

2. What is the name of the fictional town where Stranger Things is set?

A - Hawkins

B - Chatswin

C - Happiness

D - Eerie

3. What is the other dimension in Stranger Things called?

A - The down under

B - The back to front

C - The upside down

D - The inside out

4. Which sauce is Rick famously obsessed with in Rick and Morty?

A - Szechaun

B - Tabasco

C - Chimichurri

D - Siracha

5. Who created Black Mirror?

A - David Lynch

B - Ricky Gervais

C - Charlie Brooker

D - Vince Gilligan

6. What is the name of the interactive Black Mirror movie released in 2018?

A - Arkangel

B - Bandersnatch

C - Crocodile

D - Striking Vipers

7. Riverdale is based on which famous comics?

A - Harris

B - Harvey

C - Charlton

D - Archie

8. In what U.S. state is Breaking Bad set?

A - Texas

B - Arizona

C - New Mexico

D - Utah

9. Which series follows a family of adopted siblings who have superpowers?

A - The Umbrella Academy

B - The Defenders

C - Space Force

D - Raising Dion

10. In which US state was Tiger King’s G.W. Zoo?

A - Florida

B - North Carolina

C - Arkansas

D - Oklahoma

11. What is the name of the school in Sex Education?

A - Dillon High

B - Moordale High

C - Rosewood High

D - St. Jude’s

12. What's the surname of the family in Ozark?

A - Bamford

B - Baines

C - Burns

D - Byrde

13. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini starred together in which series?

A - Dead to Me

B - You

C - The Stranger

D - Good Girls

14. Where do Clay and Hannah work together in 13 Reasons Why?

A - The Clubhouse

B - The Crestmont

C - Monet’s

D - Blue Spot Liquor

15. Who won an Academy Award for their role in Marriage Story?

A - Adam Driver

B - Scarlett Johansson

C - Laura Dern

D - Ray Liotta


1 (D) Wagner Moura

2 (A) Hawkins

3 (C) The upside down

4 (A) Szechaun

5 (C)  Charlie Brooker

6 (B)  Bandersnatch

7 (D) Archie

8 (C) New Mexico

9 (A) The Umbrella Academy

10 (D) Oklahoma

11 (B) Moordale High

12 (D) Byrde

13 (A) Dead to Me

14 (B) The Crestmont

15 (C) Laura Dern