Star Wars Movies Quiz

How much do you know about the classic Star Wars trilogy created by George Lucas? Find the answers to these 10 multiple choice Star Wars movie quiz questions before the time runs out! May the Force be with you!

1. Where did Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi first meet Han Solo and Chewbacca?

A - Tosche Station

B - Beggar’s Canyon

C - Mos Eisley

D - Anchorhead

2. In ‘A New Hope’ who said ‘May the Force be with you’ first?

A - Mon Mothma

B - Han Solo

C - Princess Leia

D - General Dodonna

3. What is Han Solo’s call sign on Hoth?

A - Echo 4

B - Echo 5

C - Echo 6

D - Echo 7

4. What was Luke investigating when he was attacked by the Wampa?

A - A probe droid

B - A meteorite

C - A cave

D - A fallen Tauntaun

5. What does Luke tell Yoda is his reason for wanting to be a Jedi?

A - Princess Leia

B - The Rebellion

C - His Father

D - Obi Wan Kenobi

6. How many bounty hunters did Darth Vader task to find the Millennium Falcon?

A - 5

B - 6

C - 7

D - 8

7. In his Palace, Jabba refers to Han Solo as his favourite what?

A - Decoration

B - Scoundrel

C - Smuggler

D - Prisoner

8. Where is the Pit of Carkoon located?

A - The Jundland Wastes

B - The Krayt Planes

C - The Tusken Valley

D - The Dune Sea

9. According to the Emperor, what will be Luke’s undoing?

A - His youth

B - His ignorance

C - His compassion

D - His fear

10. What were Vader’s last words to Luke?

A - You were right

B - Leave me

C - May the Force be with you

D - Remember me


1 (C) Mos Eisley

2 (D) General Dodonna

3 (D) Echo 7

4 (B) A meteorite

5 (C) His Father

6 (B) 6

7 (A) Decoration

8 (D) The Dune Sea

9 (C) His compassion

10 (A) You were right